Sep 3, 2016

Introducing Charlotte - Charlotte Hains

Puablished in 2015. Badly battered and bruised Charlotte hardly escaped from an abusive relationship that had sent her to hospital. Right after being allowed to leave the medical center she runs into old school friend Anthony; who, visibly shocked at the sight, offers to take her in for as long as she wanted.

Not knowing how to handle depression she spends some time at Anthony’s place; locked away from others and trying hard to get her life back on track. To go through the process of recovering she will need Anthony’s friends to help her to learn the life lessons that will guide her out of the darkness. With the purpose of starting anew she will have to get a new life, find a job and meet new people.

What she doesn’t know though is that acquiring the desirable lifestyle will require a lot of strength and an open-mind to understand different ways of thinking and eventually accept modern concepts she might not have been prepared for up till now.
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Moving in to Anthony’s apartment Charlotte reluctantly agrees to meet Nats and Lloyd, good friends of Anthony who are willing to do everything in their hands to assist her to go through difficult times. It is already challenging enough to come to terms with trust and gain back self-confidence; and even harder to become adapted to a new work place where she will be trained to do a job she has never done before in order to get back on her feet.

After weeks of struggling and adjustment she is revealed of a novel lifestyle her friends have been undertaking for quite some time. A way of life she may find rather overwhelming and confusing but if given a second thought it could result in a revitalizing experience that may supply her with clearer criteria towards life.

Written in direct unvarnished speech; the author resorts to rich and frank descriptions of scenes and characters. Great attention is paid to details and that’s how the writer proves her ability to narrate and convey a story that is provided with high doses of explicit sensuality; not to mention, everything brought together with a hint of humor. Combining all of these elements to create the perfect balance for the reader to enjoy. I like the transition taken by Charlotte, which decidedly reflects her mental endeavor when striving to catch up with normality and get over panic. Ample and interesting reflection on this psychological process is explained in the book.

After reading Introducing Charlotte I guess I must have been into vanilla relationships so far, since a lot of what’s depicted in the book resembles suggestive movie scenes or erotic musical videos we’ve all watched on TV or so. But then I wonder… Who knows what I might be missing out for being so complicated…

Similarly I would like to suggest a couple of aspects to be considered. First, I wished spanking episodes and such events were fewer, so as to avoid too much repetition throughout the book. And second, I would have appreciated a round up ending to give this work a sense of closure. I understand that the author’s desire was to hook up the reader for the sequel by not giving too much away, but…, from my point of view, providing a little more info would have given us a clue of what’s coming next.

To conclude, I enjoyed reading this work and I will certainly be looking forward to the second part. I’m curious if we will ever get the chance to meet the bastard, I just don’t want him to simply get away with it, unpunished. Considering the fact that Anthony is a lawyer there should be something that can be done about it. On the other side I’m intrigued about Charlotte’s future choices, will she be submissive enough to fulfill with every requirement this all new style demands or will she stand for her freedom and be able to make her own decisions without anybody’s pressure?

I'm ready for second round!


  1. Thank you so much firstly for reading my book, secondly for be interested in the subject and finally for putting together this very thoughtful review. You do not have long to wait for book 2 Controlling Charlotte xx is on Amazon at the moment at a special preorder price. I would appreciate your honest views and comments for Controlling Charlotte if you would be so kind. I would also like to thank everyone that has taken an interest in my books and if you or any of your readers have any questions please ask away.

    1. It was a great pleasure reading your book Charlotte, and I'm grateful you've shared with me. I'll certainly be waiting for Controling Charlotte release!
      All the best ;)