Dec 15, 2016

Stand By Your Man - Peter Presley

Published in 2016 and written by American author Peter Presley.
Abby Fork, an only child brought up with good principles, willing to get her independence, decided to leave home and survive by herself. Her parents helped her with some money that she used up, including all her savings, to set up a bar and make a living out of it, but … things did not turn out as she expected and now she strives to keep it open since debts lurk and threaten to close the business. Not only that but her unhealthy habit of getting involved with bad boys who frequently attend her bar make her into trouble pretty often.

Colton Lang, an only child as well who struggled against poverty after his father passed away when he was only ten, had to drop school at an early age. Circumstances led him into the streets where he met boys who sold crack, therefore he quickly became a member of the gang. He grew up a very handsome type whose physical attributes got him any girl he wanted. He later left home and emerged as a wealthy man by making some illegal stuff.

My score:

One day while driving his car Colton and his friend Axel pulled in and came to Abby’s bar for a couple of beers. Long legs and red hair seemed irresistible to Colton so he decided to hit on her right away. After spending the night together Abby assumed Colton would be another one-time get laid guy; however… he went on persisting on trying to win her over.

Once again, this is another entertaining story of Peter Presley who always portraits a bad boy or/and a bad girl as the star in his novellas. On this occasion there’s Abby, a good girl turned into a naughty one; running a bar and getting mixed up with bad guys trading with substances and illicit affairs. When Cotton spots her as his next conquest she was at the time trying to get rid of her former boyfriend Shane, a thug who kept bribing her in order to take the bar away from her. On the other side Colton, a young and rich subject whose fortune came from who knows where; makes Abby so reluctant to trust him.

The book depicts such a dark and dangerous environment where criminals, drug dealers and sex are all combined in one and something can get out of hand anytime. You really wish Abby to close the bar or turn it over to someone else and start anew with a fresh beginning far from that kind of existence. The bar is not the site she intended to and it ended up pretty much as a seedy place gathered by gangsters and such, and so her life became a real mess.

In my opinion I don’t think Colton is a good option at all. Even though his interest in Abby seems to be genuine he is still a mobster with a doubtful reputation. We certainly don't know everything about him, but he surely has a gloomy side I hope to find out more about in book 2.

Things I liked about the author’s writing style is the fluidity of his narrative, this is a short fast story you can read in a single sitting, which means there’s no chance for the reading to bore you off. I also like the informality of his speech; most works are well-written texts following all grammar rules and semantic forms, though in this one spoken-type language is used mostly, at times it sounds so coloquial that it makes the narrative so hilarious.

Something to mention here is that sex plays an important role in all Peter Presley’s books, so explicit scenes are to be found anytime. From my point of view smartly described erotic-sexual passages that confer some spice to the main plot.

Looking forward to reading book 2.

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