Jan 5, 2017

Change Your Life In 90 Days; Get Rid Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression - Tilep Mathan

Published in 2016 and written by Brittish author Tilep Mathan.
People have different views of what happiness is, and everybody is struggling one way or another to accomplish their goals and live out their dreams to the fullest. We're all quite familiar with this idea, but... how many people actually know how to take their wishes from dreams to reality? Well, this booklet offers just that!

Know how to achieve blissfulness and freedom following some simple tips that will guide you step by step in the always elusive way to Happiness. This book will explain in simple words what is holding you back, what habits you must get rid off and what changes you should make in your daily routine so you get closer and closer to your target. All you need to do is focus and be persistent. Not to wonder, as in many aspects in life, discipline is the key of success.

How do you usually live your life? Are you constantly worrying about the future or regreting something you did (or didn't do) in the past? Well... it's time for you to pay more attention to your present, to the options you have at hand today; this reading will show you how. Just keep reading, reflecting upon it and apply all concepts in order to build up a new ritual that will take you to happiness.

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Did you know that hormones play a decisive role in your mood? Have you ever paid attention to endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, phenylethamine? Well... me either. No worries though because this book will tell you what exercise routine to follow with the object of producing the right hormones that will help you feel happier. You will also be provided with the list of foods you ought to consume so as to get the happy hormones too. Activities such as workouts, massages, physical contact, etc., will also help you increase your levels of happy hormones.

This one is related to the amount of objects you need to live happily, this is to say, how dependent you are to material things to feel comfortable and to what extent you let the society and the media influence your decisions. De-clutter means making major changes in your life, your home, your finances with the object of being able to live with less. Hoarding possessions will prevent you from moving forward. 

Positive mindset
Set your mind on the positive side of life: be grateful, give and forgive. Narrow your attention to those things that will contribute to your growth and avert your gaze from all kind of negativism. It is the thoughts you fill your mind with that determines your path to happiness, so we better watch our mental activity.

I would certainly agree on most of what is said in this book; in fact I think this is a very complete guide since it considers different aspects to work on and proposes a whole plan to tackle all the obstacles you might have when attempting to reach happiness. Nevertheless, there is a couple of ideas I would differ from; let's see:

"... keep your expectations low and to reduce your level of frustration..." this affirmation is stated regarding money. From my perception low expectations on any field will constitute a drawback in the achievement of your goals. Now, when it comes to money it will all depends on what your dreams are off course; it would be tricky for me to come up with a wish that costs little; e.g: one of the most common dreams people have is to travel the world. For that mission you would certainly need a fair amount of money; and the list can go on and on. It is true that if you don't expect much you won't be disappointed but... I can spot a big risk of midiocrity right there; and let's admit that we can do wonderful things in life with money, including helping others, what undoubtedly will provide you with a huge feeling of satisfaction which is essential in order to being happy.

"Stop insisting on the best" this statement sounds almost contradictory to me. In my opinion there's a very strong bond between satisfaction and happiness. The more satisfaction you get in life the happier you will be. For that purpose you will need to project your best effort if you want to reach the highest level of satisfaction; therefore happiness or at least an important part of it. Let's think about the people we admire the most, we're convinced that they have everything to be happy according to our particular premises, simply because they have made their best shot that they've reached the highest level, and that per se contributes greatly to be happy.

Anyway, happiness is a very complex state and it is composed by many different aspects according to our personal likes, feelings and puspose in life, which means it is a belief that veries from one individual to another. The best thing about this book is that it certainly made me think and reflect on some interesting viewpoints I hadn't considered before.

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